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Walmart E-Gift Carding Tutorial
 Updated - 10- June - 2019[ working ]
Contact Skype : PPFUNDS
Contact ICQ : 686367873
[Image: 3enneW0Ur5Oq.jpg]
Paypal transfer Deal is Up and Running Place your order now and get it done within 1 hour.
Thank you.

[Image: qYIgewp.gif]

[Image: OcwIc53.gif]

[Image: 22a5843a29.jpg]

Contact on skype - ppfunds

Hello BPC Squad 
I am selling Paypal transfer and Ebay Shopping product for you on low price
My Price - %30 Of the order for ebay and I will take 40% to direct paypal transfer , Clean funds

You can use any trusted escrow on here.

If you are using escrow here , Your money will be safe but the deal will be completed in some extra hours. 

All deals will be made instant

No delay in work , 

Contact on skype - ppfunds

my skype - ppfunds 

My IcQ :  686367873  

Test Service = $30 It will be completed within the WEEK ( To many orders ) 

Rates For Paypal Money transfer 

700$ Paypal >>>> 200$ PM , BTC  Like 
2000$ Paypal >>>> 300$ PM , BTC  Heart 
3000$ Paypal >>>> 400$ PM , BTC 64 (19) 
5000$ Paypal >>>> 500$ PM , BTC  64 (2) 

All The Transaction Will be done with in 3-4 hours after the confirmation of the payment from your side-
This is the safe and legit transfer - No Refund - No Charge Back - 
You Can Spend these money online or you can cashout your PayPal easily !

Payment Method : Bitcoin Or
Western Union

[Image: Bitcoin.png]

[Image: wu_logo.jpg]

(06-23-2016, 06:22 AM)#TheDon Wrote: Thank you 
Thank you for accepting me offer and Completing it on time !!

@Girl  I just got $800 Transfer to my Non Verified Account Yeah!!

I am going to order more soon  Like Best service

Latest PROOF screenshot Paypal Money Transfer Service

[Image: 9c86dda7de.png]

[Image: 4827d7705b.jpg]

(06-23-2016, 02:11 PM)--devil-- Wrote: thank you girl , for making my order  ( thanks for 600$ ) and accepting my offer for 130$
You are very nice person and communicate, 
i will also make new order again in couple of days.

(05-14-2016, 10:28 PM)Chriscro Wrote: Another smooth and speedy trade with girl! Thank you again for dealing with another small order so fast!!!
Much love fromt eh north < 3

[Image: 80c9779970.png]

You sent a payment of $200.00 USD to Chris***** M********

11-May-2016 12:38:31 PDT
Receipt No:0166-2110-1148-0434

Hello Dav** E*i* Co***
This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL *CM********.

Save time with a PayPal accountCreate a PayPal account and save your payment information. You won’t need to enter your payment information every time you shop online.

(04-04-2016, 08:08 AM)MR.Q2 Wrote: $2000 Just received girl thanks 
sending you more btc and i will buy more transfer 
I have also made purchase of MICROSOFT Surface Pro 3 256GB SSD Intel I5 1.9GHZ 12" PS200001 $599And other remaining $1400 i withdrawn to my bank already and had no issue ( SUPER Service ) 




[Image: 8ad2b9357e.jpg]

[Image: 12488831a6.png]

Updated - 20 Dec - 2015 [ working ] 
Transferred $800 only for $200.
[Image: 9352964eab.png]
  Updated - 14Nov - 2015 [ working ] 
64 (1)  64 (1)  64 (1)  Update - 14 Nov 2015  64 (2) 64 (2) 64 (2)
[Image: 7a9649c6fa.png]

[Image: 41f7316981.jpg]

Complete PROOF ( As it is working  )
Proof 1
[Image: 3e21bce02c.png]
Proof 2
[Image: e0153c7334.jpg]
Proof 3
[Image: dafec6113a.png]
Proof 4
[Image: 9a125c075e.png]

Some extra Proof's Below

[Image: 84886ba59c7b0741e4cd5b96297b52a7.png]

[Image: 0f5353175d.jpg]

[Image: 0d99166096.jpg]

[Image: Hw5goED.png]

[Image: z5odQ58.png]

[Image: 1d0e5c37fe.png]

[Image: 73adf7e323.png]

[Image: 8ebd073f37.png]

(05-27-2015, 06:02 PM)unknoww92 Wrote: finaly today recive my first transfer , still waiting for rest   GOOD JOB GIRL

[Image: ae5a06f2b2.jpg]

(05-17-2015, 11:00 PM)WITF Wrote: GIRL rocks!! Great work.. Trusted Seller!!!
[Image: 1z1678k.png]

Frank Wrote: Omg , Thank You again for this Big Donation !!! WOW Girl You are the best.
Thank Your for all this money i got from You
i Paid only $200 and got $800 Awesome Thank  You!!!
My paypal Account screen shot.
[Image: aeb18605cc.png]

Sterlings Wrote: Thanks for the service, got my $120 fund , deal goes cleanly , legit seller

francvogli Wrote: Vouch 4 you good luck with your sales

ccposter Wrote: Trust me she is very good seller , last time i made $1500 with girl

always success deal with her

#Vouch for this
#Trusted Seller
#Deal done cleanly

Good Job.

Gh0stx Wrote: ##VOUCH FOR " Girl "
Really good seller.

Garry Law Wrote: Big vouch for this user , legit seller

and i am buying paypal transaction now thank You please check the PM

Frank Wrote: Thank you for the funds , i tried him for $20 and he gave me $100 awesome thank You so much big service

Big Boss Admin Wrote:
Vouch for this user , 
Very well Done - 
Good job keep it clean 
and hope you get more deals

Dr.Error408 Wrote: Want to deal with you , really trustable seller

Thank you,
I am taking orders now
My recent work with Paypal - 
Taking orders again even Faster service  64 (1) 

[Image: sEiOaNa.jpg]

[Image: T7wMCyp.jpg]

[Image: 493ad57535.jpg]

[Image: FFDAIdz.jpg]

Another Hacked paypal With high balance-

[Image: Z15SViW.jpg]

Another paypal Account , ready to fund to other people  -

[Image: gB1QbID.jpg]

[Image: 7959bb01e7.jpg]

OVO Wrote: Preffer you this seller, legit and successable Smile

[Image: 7403f8aaba.jpg]

Note - If you have paid for the service ( your funds will be delivered On time ) as that is told in the thread. But ( Those fast funds can be charge back at any time or i cannot assure you that funds will stay for ever (Chances are 50% ) 
But if You want clean funds ( Those are coming from the drop than You must not always ask for the payment because NO CB, And Clean funds that won't Be hold by Paypal can only be sent to you in the time period of 10-20 days Max ( because for me to verify new drop takes 3 days and i keep the funds on the new account for 3 days And than i sent them to given address ) 
[Image: image.png]
================================================== =======================================
Western Union + Banks + MoneyBookers Transferring WorldWide

Terms :
I have Limit With Customers For Do Business.....Only 1 Customer Per Week just 1 time he can use my service....Please Dont ask again n again for do second 
Transfer....Otherwise i will ignore you.....For Bank Transfer If you get 1 time transfer already in 1 account....so for second week if you want to do again Transfer
Then you must have Different Bank Account...I will not do transfer in Same Bank Account Again n Again....Just For Security Reason....
For MoneyBookers i can send only 1 time in 1 account next time you must have different moneybokers account for do again...........Hope You Got it...
For Payoneer i can recharge only 1 time per Payoneer card....i cant do again transfer in same card....

Western Union Transfer WorldWide

I`m Doing Transfer Western Union WorldWide but it will take 2-3 business days because it will be bank wire transfer to WU.....So You Will Get MTCN Code With Sender Info + Amount And Then You Can Pick Up Funds From Any WU Store Office.....
If any one need WU service he need to deposit money in escrow then i will start my job....after 3 days when you will picked up your amount from Western Union Store so then you will say to escrow for release my payment.
Note: Only 1 time transfer on 1 name for next time transaction you must have different name for pick up.
(Western Union have now option to use Secret Security Question where you do not need Passport/ID/etc. just to have secret answer.)
[Image: 5652d6d361.jpg] [Image: c3e02b03d1.jpg]
MoneyBookers Transferring Worldwide

Guys i`m doing moneybookers/skrill transfer worldwide....MoneyBookers Payment Will beInstant Transfer ...i use my method for add funds with clear payment so no dispute and no chargeback will come....funds will be clear...bec i add funds from bank account to moneybookers then send to customers in second moneybookers so no problem of payment...as you can see in my pics...i have good balance.
For every time Transactions you must have different account for get MB funds.

Rules For Bank Transfer :
I`m doing just Transfer and i will use my second account you dont need to get worry for your account ....Because i will use my method for make clear payment so no dispute no chargeback no account problem.
Once You make payment to me or to Escrow then funds will reflect to your account with in 24-48 hours.
Please no time waster only Serious peoples need.
I Not Work on % so don`t say to me you have dropper and send me funds then we will share...
I`m Specially Transferring From These Countries:

Bank Transfer Rates:
For 2200$ Transfer = 300$
For 4000$ Transfer = 500$
For 8000$ Transfer = 890$

[Image: ea106b55c3.png]
[Image: b4ca5abff0.jpg]
[Image: ed10ade34f.png]
[Image: c201d1d3bf.png]

(08-06-2016, 02:33 PM)-ABIR Wrote: Thanks for making my order so fast , You are the best seller i have met
i finally tried you after long time and this time i found the success
You got the regular buyer now Cheers

[Image: 863a1cbed3.jpg]
(08-06-2016, 02:27 PM)*Dexter_ Wrote: i LOVE You Girl Thank you so so much for the 10K Transfer and i just pick the money You are best and i want to get more and now i will be back again in 2 days to get more.
[Image: 675ecbdea7.jpg]

Once again thank you and i just posted the screen shot for you guys who want to try @Girl  LEGIT VERIFIED and TRUSTED

Payoneer Money Transfer service with same rates
[Image: ee3958dfd1.jpg]


[Image: 7cba7e5910.jpg]

[Image: 7edcd7041c.jpg]

[Image: 53872fd60b.png]

[Image: f8b138e9c6.jpg] [Image: 17dd164f55.png]  [Image: 85a8752b82.jpg]
[Image: 9d9a5e0e06.jpg] [Image: 357cccb8c6.png] [Image: ffaf75575c.jpg]

HELLO VISITOR WELCOME AGAIN IN BPCSQUAD ..I've been rather successful carding e-giftcards and I wanted to share my method.Today i will show my private method Walmart E-Gift Carding.THis method is working and tested by me lets start it

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(11-18-2015, 03:57 PM)Princearyan Wrote: HELLO VISITOR WELCOME AGAIN IN BPCSQUAD ..I've been rather successful carding e-giftcards and I wanted to share my method.Today i will show my private method Walmart E-Gift Carding.THis method is working and tested by me lets start it
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(11-18-2015, 03:57 PM)Princearyan Wrote: HELLO VISITOR WELCOME AGAIN IN BPCSQUAD ..I've been rather successful carding e-giftcards and I wanted to share my method.Today i will show my private method Walmart E-Gift Carding.THis method is working and tested by me lets start it
verry good
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(11-18-2015, 03:57 PM)Princearyan Wrote: HELLO VISITOR WELCOME AGAIN IN BPCSQUAD ..I've been rather successful carding e-giftcards and I wanted to share my method.Today i will show my private method Walmart E-Gift Carding.THis method is working and tested by me lets start it

lets see it
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thanks for the information
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thanks for share bro
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thanks for share bro
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I must reply to view the thread?
Well, I'll check it out, and give my feedback later if it's worth it.
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your welcome bro.................
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